Julia Yu is a certified health coach who knows all too well how food habits impact the body. Although she had always thought of herself as a mom with sugar issues, she had no idea how quickly her quality of life was spiraling downhill because of the foods she was eating. After finally learning how to be compassionate with herself when cravings arose instead of resisting them, she was able to break free of her sugar habits and find peace with food and herself.

In an encouraging, insightful guide, Yu shares the secrets of how others can also exit the blood sugar roller coaster and enjoy a new state-of-the-art ride headed to places free from judgment and full of a new kind of energy and possibilities. Yu offers valuable information about how to spot triggers and set anchors, remove toxins from the body, handle food boredom and deprivation, and make new habits stick in order to build the lifestyle we all desire in powerful and meaningful ways.